dedra evansMy passion for the cigar lifestyle was born out of seeing others enjoy it, and wanting to experience it for myself. My first time visiting a humidor was in Key West, Florida.  The shop tobacconist was very informative and patient with me and suggested various cigars to start with.

My first cigars were the Acids and then the flavored ones – Tatiana Fusion Frenzy and Groovy Blue being my favorites. Gradually, my pallet developed over the years and my preference now is for a medium to full-bodied cigar.

What I enjoy most about smoking cigars is that it forces you to relax and really enjoy your smoke. I have met so many Sisters of the Leaf (SOTL) and Brothers of the Leaf (BOTL) who likewise share a love for the cigar lifestyle.

Cuteautiful Smokes was birthed from this lifestyle as I began to talk to more and more SOTL. While out with my sisters at various lounges and cigar events, I thought how cute it is to see a beautiful woman enjoying her cigars.  So cuteautiful immediately came to mind from a t-shirt I had. I added ‘smokes’ and the Cuteautiful Smokes brand was born.

Cuteautiful Smokes represents all who enjoy cigars and the fulfillment it brings by connecting the sisters and brothers of the cigar world.

A True Girly Girl at Heart

I consider myself a true girly girl, so all things feminine while smoking is important to me. I enjoy the finer things of the cigar lifestyle such as the cigar cases, cutter/lighter sets, personal humidors, and cigar sticks which help to enhance my smoking experience. Over time I started collecting cigar wrappers because I wanted to remember what I smoked and especially what I liked. We usually have friends over for what’s become known as the ‘porch party’ and I started collecting wrappers from my friends when they came over.

I didn’t realize how many wrappers I’d collected over a short period of time, so I started to think about how I could put the wrappers to good use. Remember, I’m a girly girl, so I’m picky about certain things – one is using a drink coaster or napkin for glasses and cups.

So, it hit me – use the wrappers to make custom drink coasters! These are not only useful, but they actually create a conversation piece. It’s part of the cigar lifestyle to enjoy a beer, a glass of wine, a cocktail or your favorite pour with a cigar.

Coasters add a unique touch to this enjoyment.  Each coaster has a different wrapper, so you get a different “smoke” each time. I began to use different types of coasters – wood, slate, porcelain, and more to create new looks. This can be a great way to explore new cigars or be reminded of what is already out there.

While the cigar wrapper coasters are our flagship products, Cuteautiful Smokes can also create coasters using monograms, initials, and other unique styles.

Let us enhance your smoking lifestyle….smoke good, smoke often, and smoke pretty!